Macroeconomic data

  • Foreign trade export data include detailed country breakdowns for crude oil, natural gas, coal, automobile gasoline, and petroleum
  • Consumer price index data include detailed breakdowns of major products for all regions of Russia
  • The monetary and banking statistics cover detailed financial indicators for major commercial banks operating in Russia
  • Monetary sector data also include personal and corporate loans, personal and corporate deposits, and overdue loans
  • Household survey sector includes detailed breakdowns of household income and expenditures



 Industry sectors

  • The energy sector includes production data sourced directly from such industry-leading corporations and statistical agencies as Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, and Rosstat
  • Complete data on automobile sales in Russia, including for foreign and local automobile brands by model and auto producer
  • Property data include residential real estate prices in Russia, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, broken down by apartment type
  • The Agricultural Production sector data cover regional information split by main commodities, as well as the agricultural production index and agricultural production per capita



real-time updates

  • Next-generation CDMNext platform integrated into user workflow with 24/5 specialized help-desk support.
  • Over 234,000 time series records, 13 macroeconomic & 11 industry growth sectors
  • First-hand indicators by 
    major industrial sector provided by Rosstat
  • In-depth regional coverage for major macroeconomic and industrial indicators
  • Detailed energy and natural resource production data-sets by major companies obtained directly from the Central Dispatching Department of Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia (CDU TEK)


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