Macroeconomic data

  • Universe of national accounts covering nation, state, and district (county) data
  • Extensive national and state governmental budget data with respective monthly finance and accounts for 
  • Data on national and state government bonds/securities, including FII participation, complete the public finance data architecture



 Industry sectors

  • Comprehensive multi-tier data on performance of trade, international payments, and investments
  • Two-tier trade data on principle commodities to map the trade direction before final trade estimates are released by sources
  • Three-tier data on inflation of consumer and wholesaler prices at national, state, and city level
  • Daily commodity price data, both retail and wholesale — assist with assessing current inflation


real-time updates

  • Next-generation CDMNext platform integrated into user workflow with 24/5 specialized helpdesk support.
  • Continuously expanding with new variables series to cater emerging data needs
  • High-frequency complementary data for “now-casting” and short-range forecasting models
  • Clean and revised data, with near real-time updates from on the ground analysts worldwide

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