A comprehensive database on India's economy

Our India Premium Database offers high-frequency complimentary data for "now-casting" and short-range forecasting models. Analysts can also leverage economic, social and sectorial coverage allowing multivariate economic analysis and modelling.

This database offers an expansive range of national and sub- national variables with varying frequencies. Our relationship with local sources, enables first hand access to detailed, reliable, and timely information.




Macroeconomic Data 

  • Universe of national accounts covering nation, state, and district (county) data
  • Extensive national and state governmental budget data with respective monthly finance and accounts for
  • Data on national and state government bonds/securities, including FII participation, complete the public finance data architecture

Industry Data

  • Comprehensive multi-tier data on performance of trade, international payments, and investments
  • Two-tier trade data on principle commodities to map the trade direction before final trade estimates are released by sources
  • Three-tier data on inflation of consumer and wholesaler prices at national, state, and city level
  • Daily commodity price data, both retail and wholesale — assist with assessing current inflation

Near Real-time Updates

  • Next-generation CDMNext platform integrated into user workflow with 24/7 specialized helpdesk support.
  • Continuously expanding with new variables series to cater emerging data needs
  • High-frequency complementary data for “now-casting” and short-range forecasting models
  • Clean and revised data, with near real-time updates from on the ground analysts worldwide

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Macro Economic Data Coverage: National Accounts Government and Public Finance, Demographic, Labor Markets Domestic Trade and Household Survey, Foreign Trade Balance of Payments, Investment, Business and Economic Survey Inflation, Monetary, Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates, Prices, Financial Market Education, Health, General Election Crime
Industry Sector Data Coverage: Agriculture, Automobile, Banking, Cement, Chemical and Petrochemical Energy, Insurance, Metal and Steel, Mining and Manufacturing Construction and Properties Pharmaceutical, Textile, Tourism, Transport, Post and Telecommunication
Support and Locations: Our customer support staff are based in 20 offices around the globe and provide the training and support needed to help you make the most of China Premium Database. Leveraging on our extensive network of data experts, we resolve most inquiries within 24 hours. Regular email alerts keep you informed of new series added to the database. 

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