A comprehensive database on Indonesia's economy

The Indonesia Premium Database provides hard-to-get data acquired directly from our exclusive relationships with primary sources in Indonesia. Many of these data series are not available electronically outside of CEIC. More than 60% of the data was originally in Bahasa and has been translated for the use of English- speaking professionals.

This database covers 14 major macroeconomic sectors and 10 fast-growing and popular industry sectors. Analysts can leverage regional statistics on 34 provinces available in various sectors; in addition to information and series descriptions displayed in English - with over 60% of the time series originating from Bahasa Indonesia.




Macroeconomic Data 

  • The Monetary sector data is now enriched with loan and non-performing loan information for commercial bank loans to third-party non-banks
  • The Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange Market section is now adopting the new reference rate implemented by the central bank, which is the 7-day reverse repo rate
  • The Government and Public Finance section adopt the debt service ratio data-set by tier
  • The Labor Market section includes information such as the labor wage by occupation and employment breakdown by educational level

Government Data

  • Compare and contrast each component of the Indonesian Government Budget
  • Comprehensive statistics on the government budget allow users to identify individual revenue/expenditure components and the resulting government financing
  • Budget revisions are reflected separately in the database, allowing users to evaluate the government's initial budget
  • Macroeconomic assumptions of the government budget are provided to put the planned budget into context
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Near Real-time Updates

  • Next-generation CDMNext platform integrated into user workflow with 24/7 specialized help-desk support.
  • Regional statistics on 34 provinces available in various sectors
  • Information and series descriptions displayed in English; over 60% of time series originate from Bahasa Indonesia
  • Special arrangements on detailed, breakdown data that are not publicly available
  • Hard-to-get data that your competitors don’t have access to enable you to gain an edge in your 

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Macro Economic Data Coverage: National Accounts, Government and Public Finance, Socio and Demographic Labor Markets, Domestic Trade and Household Survey, Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments, Investment, Business and Economic Survey, Inflation, Monetary, Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates, Prices, Financial Market
Industry Sector Data Coverage: Agriculture, Banking, Cement, Construction and Properties Energy, Insurance, Iron and Steel, Mining and Manufacturing Tourism, Transport and Telecommunication
Support and Locations: Our customer support staff are based in 20 offices around the globe and provide the training and support needed to help you make the most of China Premium Database. Leveraging on our extensive network of data experts, we resolve most inquiries within 24 hours. Regular email alerts keep you informed of new series added to the database. 


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