• Detailed methodological references at indicator, dataset, sector and country levels.
  • Key series feature for quick reference on key country indicators, such as GDP, GNP, FDI and CPI.
  • Thousands of primary local sources and reputable third party data from international organisations, such as the IMF and World Bank.



  • CEIC's CDMNext platform allows users to explore our Global Database's and create insightful charts, reports and analyses.
  • CEIC API Data Feeds Solutions provides clients with alternate ways to integrate our data it into their own analytical work spaces.
  • Real time updates of data and release alerts ensuring you stay on top of all macroeconomic trends.



  • Detailed methodological references to ensure accurate and informed data analysis.
  • Network of local and international partnerships empowering you with the most valuable and hard-to-find data on emerging markets.
  • Around the clock support by a team of expert analysts with extensive knowledge of local nuances and insights.


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