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Ukraine’s Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Bondholder Insights and Strategies 

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For financial professionals interested in Emerging Markets (EM), Ukraine's financial landscape presents a unique and pivotal opportunity. If you've been observing Ukraine from the sidelines, now is the time to engage. As the country prepares for its most significant sovereign debt restructuring in the EM sector this year, it represents a crucial moment for those aiming to understand and navigate Ukraine's complex and evolving financial environment.

With Ukrainian bonds trading at an attractive 30 cents on the dollar and top investment banks predicting sizable gains post-restructuring, the investment potential is significant. However, the ongoing conflict and the awaited critical US aid add layers of complexity, influencing the market in unpredictable ways.

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REDD Intelligence, an  ISI Emerging Markets group, is thrilled to host a webinar that promises to peel back the layers of this intricate situation. Convening a panel of distinguished Ukraine bondholders, renowned for their insightful perspectives and formidable expertise, hear from:

 Alex Garrard

Alex Garrard
 Portfolio Manager,
Amia Capital

Timothy Ash

Timothy Ash
Senior EM Sovereign Strategist,
BlueBay Asset Management

Yulianna Vilkos
Managing Editor,
panel moderator 


This panel will delve into crucial themes, including:

  • The landscape of Ukrainian debt stakeholders and the dynamics at play,
  • Key considerations for investors as restructuring talks loom, 
  • Innovative debt treatment solutions facilitating market re-entry for Ukraine,
  • The enigmatic allure of GDP warrants - the "Bitcoin" of Ukrainian trade.

    Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain insider perspectives from the forefront of Ukraine's debt restructuring saga. 

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Note: This live webinar followed Chatham House Rules, ensuring an open and genuine exchange of insights.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this webinar do not reflect the views of ISI Emerging Markets Group or REDD Intelligence. All written and electronic communication from ISI Emerging Markets Group and REDD Intelligence is for information or marketing purposes only and does not constitute or qualify as substantive research.

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