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Foresight 2019 Report

ISI Emerging Markets Group is set to release the Foresight 2019 Report mid-December, 2018. This year, the report will provide our analysis on the US-China  trade war, emerging market currency woes, the rise of the new-economy industries and many other topics that will be shaping developing countries in 2019.

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On the eve of the trade war.jpg

On the Eve of Trade War

The trade conflict between China and the US transcends bilateral relations and will have a lasting impact on the global value chain.

Currencies Under Pressure.jpg

Currencies Under Pressure

Tightening financial conditions and escalating trade conflicts hit emerging market currencies.

China Taking the Slow Lane.jpg

China: Taking the Slow Lane

 China is slowing down, plagued by indebtedness and the headwinds are made even stronger by the trade conflict.

Now or Never.jpg

Now or Never

Southeast Asian countries’ fossil-fuel habit may plunge future generations into pollution and poverty.

White Gold Rush.jpg

White Gold-Rush

Four South American countries are stepping up to feed the world’s voracious appetite for lithium – each in its own way.

The Free Trade Theory.jpg

Viva Ricardo!

Some very old ideas on comparative advantage are being applied to Latin America’s automotive sector. 




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Foresight 2019 Report data sources:

CEIC Data: Offering a complete set of 5.5 million+ time series covering more than 200 economies, 20 industries and 18 macroeconomic sectors - compiled from 1,500 sources worldwide. More here.

EMIS: An information platform which provides a unique blend of analysis, data and news on emerging market companies, industries and countries. More here.