Facilitates Comparison and Provides Forecasts across Regions and Countries

Global Economic Monitor

  • A set of selected Global Economic Indicators and Ratios standardized by CEIC analysts for easy comparison across countries where local official statistics is available
  • Series with extended comparable history to facilitate trend analysis
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  • Extensive collection of data sourced from reliable public and private data agencies on global regions across key macroeconomic concepts for high-level economic overview and comparison
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  • Five-year country and regional macroeconomic forecasts sourced from large international institutions such as IMF, World Bank and United Nations
  • FocusEconomics Consensus Estimates for a period of two years from major research companies and banks
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ASEAN Economic Monitor

  • Comprehensive Asia coverage to derive AEC, ASEAN-6, ASEAN-5, and CLMV aggregates and country level statistics across 800+ indicators
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International Associations

  • Comparable Industry Data to track the latest trends from BIS, WorldSteel and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
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Country Competitiveness

  • A broad array of competitiveness indicators across countries highlighting the strength of institutions, policies and factors that determine country’s productivity.
Access to Key Benchmarks
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Commodity Markets

  • Cover all major commodity prices and price indexes, including Baltic Exchange Indices proving early signals into economic activity globally
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S&P Headline Purchasing Manager's Index

  • S&P Headline Purchasing Managers’ Index is available as a part of the package
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