Macroeconomic data

  • The Monetary sector data is now enriched with loan and non-performing loan information for commercial bank loans to third-party non-banks
  • The Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange Market section is now adopting the new reference rate implemented by the central bank, which is the 7-day reverse repo rate
  • The Government and Public Finance section adopt the debt service ratio data-set by tier
  • The Labor Market section includes information such as the labor wage by occupation and employment breakdown by educational level



government data

  • Compare and contrast each component of the Indonesian Government Budget
  • Comprehensive statistics on the government budget allow users to identify individual revenue/expenditure components and the resulting government financing
  • Budget revisions are reflected separately in the database, allowing users to evaluate the government's initial budget
  • Macroeconomic assumptions of the government budget are provided to put the planned budget into context



real-time updates

  • Next-generation CDMNext platform integrated into user workflow with 24/5 specialized help-desk support.
  • Regional statistics on 34 provinces available in various sectors
  • Information and series descriptions displayed in English; over 60% of time series originate from Bahasa Indonesia
  • Special arrangements on detailed, breakdown data that are not publicly available
  • Hard-to-get data that your competitors don’t have access to enable you to gain an edge in your 

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