Unparalleled access to 3.7+ million time series covering 200+ economies around the globe

Our Global Database includes detailed methodological references that ensure accurate and informed data analysis. With near real-time updates of data, analysts can stay on top of macroeconomic trends.

With access to this vast database, users have the opportunity to gain insight into the ever-changing dynamics of world economies on a level of depth unrivalled by any other competitor.





  • Detailed methodoligical references atr indicator, dataset, sector and country levels.
  • Key series feature for quick reference on key country indicators, such as GDP, GNP, FDI and CPI.
  • Thousands of primary local sources and reputable third party data from international organisations, such as the IMF and World Bank.


  • CEIC's CDMNext platform allows users to explore our Global Database's and create insightful charts, reports and analyses.
  • CEIC API Data Feeds Solutions provides clients with alternate ways to integrate our data it into their own analytical work spaces.
  • Real time updates of data and release alerts ensuring you stay on top of all macroeconomic trends.


  • Detailed methodological references to ensure accurate and informed data analysis.
  • Network of local and international partnerships empowering you with the most valuable and hard-to-find data on emerging markets.
  • Around the clock support by a team of expert analysts with extensive knowledge of local nuances and insights.


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Macro Economic Data Coverage: National Accounts, Government and Public Finance, Socio and Demographic, Labor Market, Domestic Trade and Household Survey, Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments, Investment, Business and Economic Survey, Monetary, Interest and Foreign Exchange Inflation, Financial Market
Industry Sector Data Coverage: Agriculture, Automobile, Banking, Bio-fuel, Chemical and Petrochemical, Construction and Properties, Energy, Machinery and Equipment, Metal and Steel, Mining and Manufacturing, Tourism, Transport and Telecommunication, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Repair of Automotive and Motorcycles.
Support and Locations: Our customer support staff are based in 20 offices around the globe and provide the training and support needed to help you make the most of China Premium Database. Leveraging on our extensive network of data experts, we resolve most inquiries within 24 hours. Regular email alerts keep you informed of new series added to the database. 

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