Macroeconomic data

  • Exclusive and detailed YoY and MoM CPI components, including: core CPI, pork, and utilities.
  • High-frequency price data including organised composition of sub-items, steel output and inventory.
  • Monthly government revenue and expenditure data for over 200 cities.
  • Aggregate financing's flow and stock data, with flow data for over 200 cities.



 Industry data

  • Industrial products output data covering more than 500 monthly outputs.
  • Manufacturing industry operating data covering over 600 industries.
  • Production, consumption, import, export and inventory data covering 31 provinces and cities.
  • Daily housing transaction data covering more than 60 cities.
  • Logically organised real estate developers financial operational data for 31 provinces and cities.



regional data

  • Contains regional data at the province, prefecture, county and municipality levels, allowing detailed comparisons between regions.
  • City database from 297 prefecture level cities.
  • Prefecture level region data from 53 prefecture level regions.
  • County data from 2000 counties.
  • Municipal district database from 4 municipal districts.


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