CEIC China Premium Database

The world’s most complete database on China's economy

Delivered intuitively, CEIC Data's China Premium Database is available in both English and Chinese and can be accessed online via CDMNext

This database covers 23 macroeconomic sectors and 20 industry sectors, giving you the tools to conduct in-depth research on China. Additional value-added organisation of data with relevancy to ISIC enables analysts to perform sector analysis while easily referencing international standards. 

Regional data at the province, prefecture, country and municipality levels also allows detailed comparisons between regions.




Macroeconomic Data 

  • Exclusive and detailed YoY and MoM CPI components, including: core CPI, pork, and utilities.
  • High-frequency price data including organised composition of sub-items, steel output and inventory.
  • Monthly government revenue and expenditure data for over 200 cities.
  • Aggregate financing's flow and stock data, with flow data for over 200 cities.

Industry Data

  • Industrial products output data covering more than 500 monthly outputs.
  • Manufacturing industry operating data covering over 600 industries.
  • Production, consumption, import, export and inventory data covering 31 provinces and cities.
  • Daily housing transaction data covering more than 60 cities.
  • Logically organised real estate developers financial operational data for 31 provinces and cities.

Regional Data

  • Contains regional data at the province, prefecture, county and municipality levels, allowing detailed comparisons between regions.
  • City database from 287 prefecture level cities.
  • Prefecture level region data from 53 prefecture level regions.
  • County data from 2000 counties.
  • Municipal district database from 4 municipal districts.

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Macro Economic Data Coverage: National Accounts, Government and Public Finance, Socio and Demographic, Labor Market, Domestic Trade and Household Survey, Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments, Investment, Business and Economic Survey, Monetary, Interest and Foreign Exchange Inflation, Financial Market
Industry Sector Data Coverage: Agriculture, Automobile, Banking, Bio-fuel, Chemical and Petrochemical, Construction and Properties, Energy, Machinery and Equipment, Metal and Steel, Mining and Manufacturing, Tourism, Transport and Telecommunication, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Repair of Automotive and Motorcycles.
Support and Locations: Our customer support staff are based in 20 offices around the globe and provide the training and support needed to help you make the most of China Premium Database. Leveraging on our extensive network of data experts, we resolve most inquiries within 24 hours. Regular email alerts keep you informed of new series added to the database. 


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