An Economy under Quarantine: The Impact of the Novel Coronavirus on China, Asia and the Global Economy

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Date: Thursday, Feb 13th

The novel coronavirus disease outbreak has forced the Chinese authorities to extend the Spring Festival holidays and put more than 50 million people on lockdown. Panic over the rapid-spreading disease has seriously disrupted economic activity in China, triggering a sharp financial market decline and fears over a considerable slowdown of the global economy.

About the webinar


Thursday, Feb 13 at 9 am GMT
Duration: 40 mins


Thursday, Feb 13 at 3 pm GMT
Duration: 40 mins

Data overview
What do the disease outbreak data show? How did the markets react?

Novel coronavirus vs other epidemics in the past
How bad could the outbreak be compared to other epidemics in the past?
What was the economic impact of SARS, influenza A, avian influenza and others?
What are the most vulnerable regions, groups and industries?
How did the Chinese government deal with them?

Scenario analysis
What will be the economic impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on China?
What will the impact on Asia and the global economy?
What could we expect from the Chinese government in reaction to the economic slowdown?

What to expect from us
Planned releases, publications and data related to the topic