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Although Chinese authorities began to ease policies in recent months, investors don’t seem to have bought this, with the stock market continuing to tumble.

Unsurprisingly, infrastructure features heavily in the new government policies, for example, many new urban rail programs were approved. However, investors still showed signs of disappointment, as the stimulus tools were similar to what they saw a decade ago. 

There is doubt around what benefits these policies will have, given the limited special bond quota for local authorities as a fund source, in addition to a declining marginal effect of infrastructure investment.

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Author: Mr Suyang Zhou (CEIC Data Research Analyst)

Publish Date: August 21st, 2018

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CEIC Data - China's macroeconomic slowdown


Information on China's state investment vs private investments.

CEIC Data - China macroeconomic slowdown report


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CEIC Data - China macroeconomic slowdown report


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