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API and Data Feed solutions

CEIC is the gold standard for economic data, providing access to 7.3 million time series covering nearly 213 economies. As well as our web-based platform, we provide alternative ways for clients to access our data and integrate it into their own analytical workspaces.

Discover how our CEIC APIData Feeds Solutions and CEIC Modules in R, Python and Eviews can help you:


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Flexible access to the content you need seamlessly integrated into your own systems and information platform.

Our API allows for on-demand access directly to our macroeconomic database, and enables you to perform powerful customised searches and access different data sets upon request. It features:

  • Powerful search through CEIC data time series 
  • Time-points and rich metadata extraction
  • XML, JSON, CSV output formats
  • Data feed ability – retrieve and compare data time point changes
  • Interactive online documentation
  • Python, PHP and JavaScript SDKs


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Data Feeds

Content you need delivered right to your inbox every day or throughout the day, just the way you need it.           

We also offer data feed solutions for clients who need to quickly retrieve large amounts of static data. Access to the data files is through a secured ftp connection where files are updated on a daily basis.


External Platforms API

R, EViews, Python

Our data can be accessed directly from external analytical platforms.

With CEIC modules in R, Python or EViews you can connect directly to CEIC time series database to browse our extensive data collection or quickly retrieve your series of choice. You can refine your queries with the rich search, metadata or time point observation filtering criteria available in all packages. 


Documentation for Developers
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High Volume Data Retrieval 

Retrieve large volumes of macroeconomic and industry data on a near real time or daily basis to be stored on your local servers.
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Custom Content 

Customize the data that is delivered to you - data feeds support delivery of pre-specified static sub-set of our content or a selection based on specific search criteria.


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More efficiently undertake tasks that require extensive historical data such as back testing, regression testing, factor modeling and trend analysis.

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 Storage & Integration

Integrate CEIC data directly into your own infrastructure; data can then be searched in real time through your own server. Centralize the storage of referential data from various sources. 

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Data Mining & Licensing

  • Data Scientists
  • Raw Text Analysis
  • Proprietary Machine Learning
  • Licenses for further distribution
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Derived &   Workflow Data

  • Structured Data
  • Integrated into workflow tools: ERP, GRC, CRM
  • Machine Generated & Human Curated
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 Analysis &   Research 

  • Data Analysts and Researchers
  • Running queries and analytics
  • Answers to know questions
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Need-to-know info in context

  • Information pushed to where users are
  • Context-sensitive integrations
  • Information as part of the conversation
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